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Chapter 4: Construction Details, Section 39: Asphalt Concrete

Section 39 Asphalt Concrete 4-3901 General. Section 39, “Asphalt Concrete,” of the Standard Specifications provides material and construction requirements for hot mix asphalt (HMA) including Type A, rubberized hot mix asphalt-gap graded (RHMA-G), open-graded friction course (OGFC), minor HMA, and hot mix asphalt with warm mix asphalt (WMA) additive technology.


Flexible Perpetual Design & Analysis Software. 1 HOT MIX ASPHALT WHAT IS HOT MIX ASPHALT? Hot mix asphalt may be referred to by several names. In different sections of the state it may also be referred to as bituminous concrete,hot plant mix,asphalt concrete, blacktop or Superpave. Hot mix asphalt is composed of aggregate bound together

Properties Considered in Mix Design Superpave Mix Design Method

4) Voids Filled with Asphalt (VFA) 5) Binder Content Before mix properties are discussed in detail, the Technician is required to understand that paving mix properties are most affected by volume and not weight; however, production and testing of HMA is by weight. An example of the difference between weight and volume of HMA is given in Figure 4-1.


Job-Mix Formula (JMF) means the percentage passing on each designated sieve of the total mass of aggregate and the amount of asphalt cement as a percentage by mass of the mix that are based on specified mix design procedures that when mixed result in an HMA that is according to this specification.

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The flexural cracking resistance of an asphalt concrete mixture used in a steel bridge deck pavement needs to be higher than that of one used in ordinary pavement. In this study, mechanical experimental tests were used to evaluate the influence of the aggregate strength on the flexural cracking behavior of epoxy asphalt concrete (EAC). The aggregate fracture area of beam cross sections was ...

Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design One of the ultimate aims of studying the various properties of the materials of concrete, plastic concrete and hardened concrete, is to enable a concrete technologist to design a concrete mix for a particular strength and durability. The conditions that prevail at the site of work, in particular

VDOT Mixes & Guidelines - Virginia Asphalt Association

The guidelines provided herein are intended to aid the user in recommending mix types for asphalt overlays of flexible and rigid pavement, and new construction based on specific traffic and environmental conditions expected. These guidelines should be used as part of, or in conjunction with an engineering analysis of the pavement section.


Volumetric Analysis of HMA Mixtures 31 - Example Problem - • Let’s assume we have a compacted HMA mixture with the following properties. Bulk Specific Gravity of the Mixture - G mb = 2.425 Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity - G mm = 2.521 Asphalt Binder Specific Gravity - G b = 1.015 Asphalt Content - P b = 5.0 % (by mass of total mix)

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1. All aggregate percentages are based on the total weight of the aggregate. 2. The asphalt content is based on the total weight of the mix. When using slag aggregates in the mix, the asphalt content shall be increased accordingly, a minimum of 25 percent for an all slag mix. 3.

Asphalt Mix Design

Asphalt Mix Design and Quality Control Software Management System. StonemontQC includes powerful asphalt mix design and quality control features for asphalt producers. StonemontQC aggregate and asphalt capabilities are completely integrated thus allowing mix component properties to be easily updated or substituted from aggregate plants.

Green Pavement using Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET

The modified asphalt mixtures were produced from content concentrate of recycled PET pallet range between 5 and 25% of the weight of asphalt mixture with sieve size from 2.36 mm to 1.18 mm and 5% weight of bitumen content as follow hot mix asphalt wearing course 14 (ACW14) in Standard Specification of Road Work in Malaysia.

New Zealand guide to pavement structural design

NZ TRANSPORT AGENCY 12 April 2018 7 Foreword The 2017 New Zealand Guide to Pavement Structural Design replaces the New Zealand Supplement to the Document, Pavement Design – A guide to the structural design of road Pavements (Austroads 2004) written by Transit in 2007.


(d) If all test results do not conform to the parameters with a PWSL of at least 85, then an adjustment to the asphalt content or gradation may be made to bring the mix design requirements within acceptable levels. Permissible adjustment limitations between the approved Mix Design and Adjusted Mix Design are as follows:

Chapter 3 - Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixtures

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixtures: State of The Practice CHAPTER 3. BEST PRACTICES FOR INCREASING RAP USE. This chapter presents some of the current best practices for increasing the amount and frequency of RAP use regarding the management, mix design, production, and placement of RAP asphalt mixtures.

Evaluation of Crumb Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt

An asphalt-rubber hot mix asphalt (AR-HMA) design was created using a Superpave 12.5mm gradation and a #30 (-) mesh crumb rubber at 20% total weight of the asphalt binder. At this point in time, asphalt rubber has only been used with HMA that contains a more open graded nature, such as open graded friction course (OGFC).

Backcalculation of full-depth asphalt pavement layer

The asphalt surface layer was characterized as a linear elastic material modeling with EAC, and Poisson’s ratio, n. The asphalt concrete (AC) layer moduli were kept between the realistic range of 690 MPa (100 ksi) and 20,685 MPa (3000 ksi), and the Poisson’s ratio was taken constant as 0.35.

Asphalt Quality Control

Dec 02, 2016 · A look at the technology and testing that lies behind the scenes of producing a quality road surface. Ensuring that the asphalt mix continually meets specifications really is an exact science! For ...

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Wet-mix Concrete Batching Plant are installed with Concrete Mixers. With capacity ranging from 80m 3 /hr to 240m 3 /hr they are most suitable for concrete suppliers or concrete manufacturers. These plants are designed to accommodate different models of concrete mixers and they can be integrated with a wide range of computerized batching system.


shall not be less than 1.5 percent by weight (mass) of total mixture. The job mix formula shall indicate the optimum mixing temperature. The job mix formula limits for mix temperature will be ±25°F (±14°C) from the optimum mixing temperature. The job mix formula is to be inside the control points as detailed in Table 502-4.

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The focus of the silent roads effort was the design and development of a new generation of silent roads. The expected noise reductions from this program (2003–2007) were 4 dB for road surfaces, 2 dB for tires and vehicles, and 2 dB for barriers, for a total of 8 dB. Table 5 outlines information still to be gained.


5.10.4. CALCULATIONS FOR THE MARSHALL MIX DESIGN OF BITUMINOUS MIXTURES 1. Scope. This method covers the formulas used to compute the various values used in the Marshall Mix Design of 100% virgin aggregate mixtures or reclaimed material and virgin aggregate mixtures. 2. Procedure. 2.1. Aggregate Specific Gravity. 2.1.1.


Aggregate is a general term for all the mineral constituents of an asphalt mix. It includes crushed stone, gravel, sand, slag and fines. In asphalt, the weight of the aggregate accounts for about 85% of the total weight of the mix.


DEEP CEMENT-SOIL MIXING (DCM) METHOD In construction of various structures on compressible, saturated soils like soft clay, low bearing capacity and excessive settlement are a common problem to deal with. The ground improvement technique us-ing deep cement-soil mixing (DCM) is one of the most suitable methods to overcome this problem. The sole


Transfer functions are an important part of a total mechanis­ tic design procedure. Transfer functions appropriate for use ... mix design, and construction control. The algorithms for predicting ILLI-PAVE pavement struc­ tural responses are as follows. Asphalt strain Log EAc = 5.746 - 1.589 Log TAC - 0.774 Log EAc - 0.097 Log ERi R2 = 0.967 ...

PCC/PCC Design Guidelines - The National Academies Press

The type depends on the design objectives. â ¢ If a design objective is to reduce noise levels to a minimum, then either an EAC can be used or spe- cial diamond grinding (such as the next-generation grind that showed the lowest noise level of all sur- faces at MnROAD) of the PCC surface can be done. â ¢ If a design objective is durability ...

Chapter 4: Construction Details, Section 39: Asphalt

The contractor may submit a new job mix formula on Form CEM-3511 with a new Form CEM-3512, “Contractor Hot Mix Asphalt Design Data,” or the contractor may adjust the job mix formula on Form CEM-3511 with allowable adjustments specified in Section 39-2.01A(4)(b), “Job Mix Formula Verification,” of the Standard Specifications.

Cold recycling in plants of old asphalt pavements

been developed in order for the asphalt to be as homogeneous as possible and for the particles to have a good degree of coating. It is important that the amount of new binder, water and aggregate be determined through appropriate mix design so that the asphalt has both a suitable composition and good material qualities. 2

This Specification covers all operations necessary for and

Asphalt Cement Content: The quantity of asphalt cement in the mix expressed as a percentage of total weight of Bituminous Mix. Bituminous Mix: Plant produced hot mixture of aggregate and asphalt cement. Bituminous Mix Design: The laboratory determination of the proportions of the Bituminous Mix

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This method can be used for the determination of bitumen ratio or asphalt content of hot mix asphalt paving mixtures and pavement samples for quality control, specification acceptance, and mixture evaluation. Bitumen ratio is the ratio of the weight of asphalt to the dry weight of aggregate in an asphalt mixture.

Section 400 Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete Construction

Section 400—Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete Construction Page 5 400.2.01 Delivery, Storage, and Handling Storage of material is allowed in a properly sealed and insulated system for up to 24 hours except that Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), Open-Graded Friction Course (OGFC), or Porous European Mix (PEM) mixtures shall not be stored more than 12 hours.


This is a critical step, as the Job Mix Formula derived from the mix design performed by the laboratory will specify the amount of asphalt emulsion and mineral filler as a percentage of the weight of the aggregate. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to complete the configuration of the paver for the specific Job Mix Formula. Once completed ...

Fatigue behavior of epoxy asphalt concrete and its

Epoxy asphalt concrete (EAC) is made of epoxy asphalt binder and aggregate. Epoxy asphalt is a mix of epoxy resin and petroleum asphalt. Since its application on the Nanjing second Yangtze River Bridge in the year of 2000, EAC has been widely used in pavement construction on long-span steel bridges , , , .

Influence of chemical stabilization method and its effective

an Effective Additive Concentration (EAC) parameter, that provides an optimal increase of soil shear strength. It is proven that exists a clear tendency of optimal EAC value for asphalt or polymeric additives, as well as some tendencies for enzy-matic additives that need to be further developed, due to its dependence on the

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